Thursday, December 1, 2011

REVIEW: Steve Jobs (Book)

I never really idolized apple back when I was younger. Sure I loved my iPod and I mean I really loved it. It was my security blanket. Other then that I never really bought music from iTunes didn't own Macs even though I could fix one in seconds. But after getting an iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, and then an iMac, I've come to really love them and enjoy Apple as a whole, but I've always liked Steve. This book really delves into his life and it was somewhat of a shock about how misconstrued I was about him.

This book shed truth on him it showed him for what he was. He was irrational, a baby, and yes he was a smelly hippie with crazy ideas. I give Steve and Bill Gates a lot of respect though. I mean really they started an empire that has touched everyone one of us from garages. But if you thought Steve Job's was some tech geek who could code your wrong he couldn't write code, that was Woz's job (Steve Wozniak). Steve was successful because he was ambitious; he once called one of the CEO's of Hewlett Packard to get a part he needed. His ambition showmanship made him successful; Steve also had a "Reality Distortion Field". If someone told him it would take 6 months to complete a project, he would say have it for me next week and it worked. He also didn't like people being able to open things be it the Apple II or the iPod. Yes it is a pain but it's not a big deal for myself it is for you, don't buy Apple.

A lot of people want to hate on Apple but Steve made it work. Was he a big computer hacker? Coder? Nope. He was just a showman with amazing ideas. MP3's weren't created by Apple but they were perfected and no one was able to beat them even now. iTunes, Napster, Limewire-They essentially killed the record store. If you don't believe me try and find me a Tower Record store in Times Square or anywhere! From the iconic iPod silhouette commercials to the iPhone commercials coining the term "There's an app for that" Apple changed the way things worked for the better. Start up your iPhone and start up an android or any "dumb phone" I bet you the android phone is loaded with "crapware" carrier installed applications that CAN'T be deleted. Apple essentially cut the carrier out of the phone business besides providing service. I remember when Verizon got in trouble for locking GPS on their phones unless you used there GPS service. But alas Apple also has its downsides ex.Price. But I hope you've all learned a little here about the life of Steve from a tech standpoint. Go check the book out .

All in all I give Steve Jobs, an 8.5/10 the book can slightly drag especially in the beginning for people who are bored easily by tech jargon, but I do hope you read it and enjoy. As always friends Stay Hungry. If you have any questions feel free to send me a tweet. I always answer.

Written By: Derek
Twitter: @Derek712

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