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Occupy Wall Street: Why I Can't Support The Protesters

I'm sure you have seen photos and videos of these people. For the past 2 months, people nation wide and even now the world have "occupied" public spaces in protest of greed, corruption and tyranny. While I find that great, there is one small problem I have with this movement, and that's the protesters themselves. I live 30 minutes outside of New York City, so all of the time on my local news I see new footage of Occupy Wall Street every day. The other day I was debating (me making a point and being called a Nazi, a zionist shill and straw man) with some protesters. Not only were my arguments immediately shut down, but I was insulted and the protesters became very hostile. The protesters have lovely catch phrases and even put swastika's on the American flag.

Look, an outrageous comparison to try and get your point across. It's cute...

Our argument was about the recent ruling passed by a Judge not allowing the protesters to camp overnight in Zuccotti Park. Of course, like children who just had candy taken away from them, these protesters were up in arms complaining. The problem is, they are lucky Brookfield Properties has been so patient with them. Why does Brookfield Properties matter? Brookfield just happens to own the land Zuccotti Park is on. They control that land and have allowed the protesters to use their land to protest. Brookfield has had no problems with the protesters (and still don't) until they started to read and watch the news. What they read is the same things I've read: spreading illnesses, STD's, rise in crime, unhealthy sanitation conditions, horrendous smells and lot's of noise caused by drumming. Not to mention numerous complaints from the people that live and work in that neighborhood. They have had enough and mailed Mayor Bloomberg this letter...

Zuccotti Park is operated as a public park. However, it is still owned by Brookfield, which means they can (and have) called the NYPD to clean up the mess that was on their land. You think this movement would have lasted even a day in Central Park? The reason why these protesters are obsessed with Zuccotti Park is because they can't go anywhere else. If they go to an actual public park in New York, the NYPD will arrest them on spot. The reason the NYPD hasn't raided Zuccotti Park until now is because it is not a New York City public park, therefor the Police don't have authority. This is one thing I give the protesters credit for. They aren't that stupid. You can go to the official website for the New York Public Parks System and check it out yourself. Zuccotti Park is not listed. The NYPD removed the tents later that night when Brookfield sent that letter to the Mayor's office. What more proof do you need that Zuccotti Park is a private piece of land? I could buy a 10 acre piece of land and build a playground on it and use it as a public park, but it is still my land. Zuccotti Park is a "Privately-Owned-Public-Space", meaning that public park rules apply (which means they shouldn't have been camping in the first place), but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a privately owned piece of land.

Holy shit! A big time company that owns a piece of land and just let's the public use it for recreation?! Say it isn't so!

Now that the NYPD took the protesters tents, computers and now their "Peoples Library" out, they can actually have a real protest. All you need is signs and a voice. You want to socialize with friends while reading books and typing away at a computer? There is a place called the New York Public Library.

When I argued these points with the protesters, I was called a zionist shill, a nazi, a straw man, fascist, an agent to the Republican Party and a blind zombie.

Calling me a zionist, yet claiming to be peaceful and tolerant of other cultures makes you an anti-semitic hypocrite. When you call me a zionist, you're calling me a power hungry Jew that is only out to help other Jews. I'm also not Jewish. So you're also an idiot. If someone were to attempt to insult me at me "low level lack of education" level and just simply call me a stupid fat fuck, I wouldn't be offended anyway.

Anyone that knows me knows that I see what is there right now. I see what is going on in the moment. I am also very black/white and very rarely have gray areas when it comes to forming an opinion. It either is or isn't.

I see people protesting the 1%, the CEO's of corporations. I see people protesting the colleges charging 30K a year for college. I see people protesting millionaires. What I don't see are people taking responsibility for their actions.

Oh, and lot's of these as well...

Now I will agree with OWS on one thing, and that is I have the same anger towards our government for giving CEO's our tax money in a bailout and these CEO's buying private jets. Not all CEO's did, but the media only talks about the 2-3 CEO's that did.

Now on the other side, the CEO's drove their business to the point of bankruptcy. Credit card companies that make money on interest baited stupid people into charging credit cards for things they couldn't afford. Shame on them. What the protesters also fail to do is yell shame to the people who got themselves into debt. You should also yell shame to the people who fell for Obamas ridiculous Cash For Clunkers plan, trading in their perfectly good cars for new cars they couldn't afford. You should yell shame at the people who don't take personal responsibility for their actions. Not the mega rich who just sell products. You have the right and freedom to make choices. It is not the law that you go to school, take loans and get credit cards.

Yes. That means YOU too...

Demanding our government use our tax dollars to better ourselves as a nation and take our troops out of places they shouldn't be is something I completely agree with. What I don't understand are the "non official" list of demands on OWS's website saying that all debt should be forgiven and all college should be free.

Do people not understand that tuition helps pay to keep the school running, professors salary, new books, new equipment, sports field maintenance, etc?

This guy wants free college education, because that's "what he wants". You don't just demand free things. There is something called WORK that pays you something called MONEY that you SAVE by putting it in a BANK. That is how you work towards a college education. That, or just be incredibly smart or an athlete and hope for a scholarship.

When I see people protesting the 1% of these corporations, yet they are posting on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs with computers, cell phones and taking pictures with cameras made by the very corporations they are protesting against, all I see is a giant ball of hypocrisy. I believe if you really want to make a statement to the corporations, take every product you own made by a corporation and burn/smash it in the street in defiance. Nothing makes a statement to a corporation like their products being smashed and you refusing to buy/use their products.

They HATE the rich and corporations, right?

While I generally agree with some things the OWS protesters (the ones that actually can keep a conversation) are protesting, the protesters themselves are making me hate this cause and the movement. Besides the hypocrisy of using products made by corporations they are protesting against, the people are very rude. If someone even remotely disagreed with them, they get yelled at and called a nazi, agent to the republican party and some people chanted "instigator" and "shame".

I love this video. "We are angry! We just don't know why!". Sure this was in Sacramento, California, but this affects the movement as a whole. When the media just asks you a question as simple as "Why are you here?" and you can't provide an answer, your movement has no grounds.

Gregg "Opie" Hughes is a comedy talk radio host that went down to Zuccotti Park to film the protesters in hopes of finding the freakiest of them all (and for that I'm very thankful. Quite entertaining). However, cameras don't lie. The one gentleman actually thinks taxing the rich 90% will solve the problem. They are drumming in circles wearing V For Vendetta masks and almost everyone Mr. Hughes talked to appeared stoned out of their minds. This was taped in the epicenter of the whole movement! What does that say to us, the public, about your cause?

One thing I've noticed too with the news footage and home movies uploaded to Youtube, the protesters love free speech, but don't like it when someone disagrees with them. If you even remotely disagree with them, they will gang up and attack you instead of discussing the issues like adults.

I read stories about the people spreading disease, STD's, other illnesses and people getting yelled at because they simply disagreed with the protesters beliefs. Mix those with the incredibly loud and annoying drum circles and that made me wonder just how can anybody support this? I feel like every rotten smelly stoner from my High School has now gathered in Manhattan.

The protesters also have the audacity to compare OWS to the Civil Rights Movement and the US government to Nazi Germany and ancient power hungry empires. When you do this, it makes your arguments and your entire group look like a bunch of whining, spoiled children. There is a HUGE difference between the civil rights movement and OWS. You can first off drink at the same fountains as anyone else. You can eat at the same restaurants. You're not being sprayed with fire hoses and you're certainly not being forced to sit at the back of the bus. Not to mention being called "nigger" "spook" "monkey" and other racial slurs. You only have to worry about being called "hippies". Black people were treated like shit because they were black, not because they are protesting in lower Manhattan. Nazi Germany exterminated millions of innocent people because Hitler believed the Germans were the superior race. You don't see OWS protesters being driven to death camps where they are starved, tortured and killed. Ancient Rome and other ancient empires took over other lands because they were hungry with power. Defy them, you were killed.

I clearly see the similarities now. "Americas future" alright...

Also, it is not wise to welcome celebrity endorsements like Michael Moore, who is worth millions (the rumor is 50 million, which wouldn't surprise me). If Michael Moore really wants to help, he should donate every penny he makes that is above middle class standards. He shows up in sweat pants and gains your trust, then takes his sweaty hypocritical ass right back to his huge house. Russell Simmons, who owns a record label,worth millions and oh, DOESN'T PAY TAXES. He said on national TV that he doesn't pay taxes because he "doesn't want to support the war machine". All these celebrities are doing is making an appearance to look good for their public relations. Michael Moore doesn't give a shit about you. All he cares about is being seen video taped and photographed with you people so he can make another documentary or write a book about this movement and make even more money off of you, who predictably will go see it. Michael Moore is the biggest hypocrite in this entire movement. He should be ashamed of himself. He's the same guy that called Capitalism EVIL! He made an entire documentary about how Capitalism is evil and should be destroyed. I bet he sure as hell doesn't hate those millions he's made in a capitalist system though. Hypocrite. He's no dummy though. He knows he's gonna get a big pay day from you people who now love him.

Note how immediately the protesters yell "shame" and "instigator" at someone who disagrees with them...

I also love the class these protesters have. In New York, they are calling the NYPD (same people that helped save thousands of lives on 9/11) "thugs" and Mayor Bloomberg a nazi. You Occupy protesters are voluntarily protesting the US government knowing that you might be arrested and treated as a common criminal. All of the "thug" beatings from the NYPD wouldn't happen if you simply stayed home. People in Africa are starving and have hardly any help. People are violently killing each other in the Middle East and families are being destroyed because of war and violence. Americans have it so good, yet you people still choose to complain and demand more from the government. They sound like spoiled children and are no better to me than 9/11 truthers. I dare ANY protester to go to Saudi Arabia or Iran with this self righteous entitled attitude they have. You'll be shot or beheaded within a day or two. That is why I have such a negative view towards the protesters.

Ok, so enough of your bitching, Chris. How can we fix this? Do YOU have any positive solutions?

I firmly believe that 80% of what people are protesting can be solved by education on the value of saving and writing a budget. You don't need a college education to add and subtract, so you can balance a checkbook. I dropped out of school to go to a trade school for radio/tv production. Just last year I paid off the 10K loan I took to go to this school. Up until just this past June when I finally landed my dream job as an audio engineer, I worked every dead end job you can think of. While I was working security, the company that hired my security company to patrol their building canceled the contract. Because I showed that I am a value asset, this company hired me as an employee with better pay, better health benefits and a 401K plan. I honestly do feel for the people who's departments are outsourced. Instead of buying a new TV, computer, clothes and other things you want, make a list of "needs" and write a very strict cash budget (combined me and my GF take home less than 40K, so don't tell me it can't be done). Save enough so you have 8 months of living expenses covered. If you get a less paying job after losing your first job, budget to fit that income. I don't care if you can't play Call Of Duty online anymore, cancel Xbox, Netflix and w/e you need to cancel to make your budget work.

Personal responsibility is something most Americans don't have and that scares me more than any war could.

Yeah, it would be nice to go to school, get that job and live in a big house with no financial worries. Unfortunately we live in a world where not everyone has a happy ending. It would have been nice to afford the best Cancer treatment for my Grandparents instead of what we could afford. Unfortunately a world like that doesn't exist and will never exist. Sometimes people get the shit end. No protests and no laws can make a perfect world. This isn't The Matrix and we are not machines that never make a mistake. No government is perfect and no justice system is perfect. I don't know why these protesters are so unhappy with the US when they live in the greatest country on Earth. They could have it so much worse than they think. That's what makes us human. You can't just take the rich's money and give it to people who don't deserve it. That wouldn't make me want to work if I knew I was gonna get a living wage and some assholes money that he actually worked for. Don't you see how silly that "spread the wealth" argument is?

Americans are dumb. All we care about is how the Kardashians are doing. The media isn't clouding our minds with this garbage as a distraction. They are simply giving DUMB Americans what the dumb Americans want to see.

Taking away the annoying, entitled, attention seeking protesters. What about the common man? What's the real story behind this movement? What do us as spoiled Americans need to be told? Here is what I think Americans need to "get".

Talking about student loans, mortgages and consumer (stupid) debt. If you can't pay cash for it, you shouldn't buy it. You got accepted to NYU. Great! Do you want to put yourself (and your parents if they co-sign the loans) through years of debt and pay almost 100K (200K at least by the time you pay it off with interest) of bills? Community colleges cost a fraction of a big school, they are local & you can work and pay it off without the distractions of frat parties and getting wasted. You can also transfer your credits to NYU when you saved up enough money to go, or get a Bachelors from the community college.

As far as credit cards go, I'm not trying to tell you how to live, but credit card debt will only cause problems. Interest is how these companies make money. That's why they bait college kids into getting cards. Even if the student doesn't pay it off, collection agencies will buy the debt and the card companies still make money. While I think it's a crime that these companies bait college students into debt, the real crime is the kid not being educated on the value of saving and debt and not taking responsibility for their financial decisions.

The banks are not evil. You signed the mortgage, so it is your responsibility. It is not the banks fault you didn't read the contract.

OK, so what about foreclosing? "The evil bank took my home, man!"

My grandparents racked up 200K of debt and eventually were forced out of their home from the bank. Speaking as someone who personally went through a foreclosure, anyone that say's "banks are evil greedy goblins that make sure you need them!" don't know what they are talking about. Can't pay your mortgage? The bank will work with you to refinance your mortgage so you can have lighter payments. The banks are businesses. They need to make money. You paying them back with interest makes them that money. If they loan you 250,000 dollars, they are gonna work with you so they can get their money back. However, if they simply run out of patience trying to work it out with you, they can (and will, legally) take back the home that is still technically theirs. Banks lose a lot of money in a foreclosure, so foreclosing your home is the last thing they want to do. Even if they do foreclose your home, it will be months, maybe even a year before they decide to foreclose. When they foreclose, they won't kick you out overnight, they will give you a very large window to move out, sending countless letters reminding you to leave. When you pay off a mortgage, that is now YOUR home. YOU own that home outright. Mortgages work jut like car loans. The bank "owns" you because you bought a house with THEIR MONEY!

You signed up for the credit card, you are responsible for any debt you may or may not accumulate. You took student loans, you're responsible for paying it off. Instead of blaming the rich, blame yourself for your lack of education. Yes, our economy is the worst it's been since the depression, but the economy always gets better. It's like a pendulum. In time it will be fixed and the jobs will all come back. It won't fix the issue long-term, but if you take some time and budget your income, you will at least have an easier life at home. If my friend and his wife (who combined make 48K) and me and my girlfriend (on less than 40K a year combined) can budget and be able to go on vacation every year while living in the New York area, you can too.

Now what about children? Children are expensive and could cost a whole lot more if they have medical issues. So let me ask this harsh question: Why on Earth did you have children if you can't afford one? Why does a family on welfare have 4 kids and are pregnant with a 5th? Why do unemployed High School kids have children of their own? Some are honest mistakes. Some are stupid choices because "love will get us through it". I refuse to have children until I'm confident I can afford one. Children are a blessing, but can also be the death of you financially if you don't prepare.

The same problem at home with people spending money they don't have on shit they can't afford is what's going on in DC. We as a nation are 15 trillion dollars in debt. That is a number we will never bring back down. How about we not give nations that hate us money? How about we take care of our own problems before we worry about other nations? How about actually saying "no" to the special interest groups that want government funding instead of just writing checks? You as a US citizen have the power to vote people out of office. It's sad that Americans forgot DC works for us. It's also more sad that Americans vote for the popular candidate instead of the right candidate.

The REAL people in need will do everything they can to work their ass off to provide for their families. They won't drum in circles and demand free things they haven't worked for with a selfish attitude.

What about the people who just have everything bad going for them? No job, no job market, not enough money to move to a place where jobs are, health problems, etc. and you REALLY have no options (this should eliminate millions of people who actually do get benefits)? Each case of unemployment and government financial benefits should be looked at by someone. That's a lot of work, but we need jobs in this country, don't we? I would gladly give more tax dollars if I knew they were going towards a program that gave the people that really need them the right benefits and the freeloaders who are too lazy to look for a job not a dime. McDonald's and movie theaters are always hiring. Swallow your pride and your ego and apply for work there. 8$ an hour is better than 0$ an hour.

With that, I leave you all with some Five Finger Death Punch, just because they kick ass.

Written by: Hammy
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