Friday, September 16, 2011

I Should Be Doing Laundry: "Target Treated Us Like Common Criminals"

Target Treated Us Like Common Criminals

Today my husband and I went shopping at Target in Plainville Ma to get some things for our kids/house. As we were shopping, my husband found an item that was marked down on clearance. It was a "Red Fire Hose Nozzle with a Wand Sprayer" originally 24.99, marked down to 4.98. After we checked out (we spent 230.00 mind you) we noticed that it showed as the original price. We went to customer service to have them correct the mistake.

We explained the situation to the woman behind the desk, who's name was Dianne. She right away said "some people come in, change the tags, and come back later to purchase it".  Well, fine, but we didn't.  My husband asked her to scan the clearance tag to see what came up. Guess what...it came up "Red Fire Hose Nozzle". She began to argue with us, stating that it wasn't the same item and someone switched the tags. She was very rude and accusing when she said this. I asked to see a manager right away. A "manager" (I say this term loosely because the woman only had a name badge with "Jane" on it, no manager accreditation on it) came over and we tried to explain our situation. We didn't care about the item, it was the fact that Dianne was accusing us of switching tags. At this point, we're going back and forth with both of them, just discussing our side of the story. All of a sudden Dianne calls "security" and a bunch of numbers after it. Before we know it, security is there, watching our every move. Are you kidding me??? If that wasn't bad enough, Dianne calls the security desk, telling them to REVIEW TAPES, to see if my husband switched tags!!!!! We tried to tell them that it would be very coincidental that someone would have a Target price tag gun, know the codes, to make it look like it was supposed to be that item. They almost matched in description to a T. My husband said "Are you accusing me of switching tags? Why would I do something like that for a 25 dollar item when I've spent over 200.00 already???"

At this point I can feel my blood boiling. They're accusing us of stealing. I ask to speak to the supervisor, and Jane says "I'm it. There's no one above me so you're going to have to deal with me" My reply: "Oh yeah, we'll see about that. I'm calling your corporate office and submitting a complaint against the both of you" She replies "Go ahead!" We again told them we didn't care about the item, that we were offended that we were treated as common criminals and accused of something we would never imagine doing.

They gave us our money back, we left and I immediately called Target Corporate offices and complained. I am absolutely disgusted and APPALLED at the way my husband and I were treated today. All of you that truly know me personally know that neither I nor my husband would ever do something like this. I ask all that read this to PLEASE SHARE THIS with everyone you know, from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, everywhere. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Much love to all of you.